• Collect the following articles— a pen, a book, a needle and a piece of wooden stick.
• Sketch the shape of the above articles in your notebook by moving a pencil around them.
• Do all these have a definite shape, distinct boundaries and a fixed volume?
• What happens if they are hammered, pulled or dropped?
• Are these capable of diffusing into each other?
• Try compressing them by applying force. Are you able to compress them?

NCERT Class 9th Science Ch 1 Matter in Our Surroundings



Yes ,they have fixed shape and volume .it fits the property of a solid that they have fixed shape and volume.

if they hammered or pulled they are capable of breaking because their mass is less.

no ,solids are not capable of diffusing each other.but they are capable of diffuse with liquid.(eg.tablets dissolve in water)

no,it is not possible to compress them because solids don't have space between particles. but in some exceptions, porous solids are capable of compressing. (eg.sponge is compressible due to the presence of pores in them).
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