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It is sometimes hard for the uninitiated to differentiate between simple facts or opinions and The Truth. Some defining characteristics of The Truth include:

The Truth, unlike an opinion, is not open to reasonable debate. Any reasonable person presented with The Truth will agree with it, so by definition, any debate or resistance must be unreasonable.The Truth will encounter great opposition. Normally, unreasonable people can be placated with unreasonable arguments, and this should be tried. The Truth, however, will be vehemently opposed by nearly everyone; therefore, opposition from many people is clear evidence that you come bearing The Truth. Do not feel discouraged when you are the sole bearer of The Truth. Eventually, reasonable people will come to agree with The Truth, and although you may have to bully many people away, The Truth will be written in Wikipedia.The Truth is appropriate everywhere. Mere facts can sometimes be irrelevant, such as the molecular structure of a lettuce leaf in an article on Albanian politics. But The Truth is always relevant, and should be included everywhere that text can be put.The Truth does not require verification through reliable sources. That sort of thing may be necessary for mere "facts", but we're talking about The Truth here, people!The Truth is best communicated through repetition. The first attempts to insert The Truth into Wikipedia are often met with resistance in the form of three-letter acronyms and references to "policy" and "consensus". When other editors oppose The Truth in such a manner, the most likely explanation is that they have not heard it repeated frequently enough.The Truth will cause the blinders to fall from your eyes, whereupon you will fall to your knees and weep. Conversely, those who refuse to see The Truth are death choosers and will always devalue life.The Truth takes no pronouns in any language, because The Truth is cool like that.Though everyone thinks they know The Truth, nobody actually knows The Truth. Except you. And me.
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