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Dear grandma,
Hi...How are you?...How's your health?...Hope everything's fine.
         Actually I wanted to inform you that I'll be coming to your place in May summer vacations,so kindly don't go anywhere as I'll be coming.I & James will come to meet you & we will stay with you for the whole May vacation as our parents are going to a wedding of my maternal uncle.So we will spend our vacation with will be great fun to live in our village Jamshedpur.We will get up in morning,go for a morning walk in fields,come back & eat our lunch,then we will sleep,play in the evening with gilli-danda,then we will eat the dinner made by you in night & will sleep on terrace listening to your bedtime stories.We'll go with you in the weekly market to purchase the household things & golla for us.We'll enjoy in the vacations....So don't make any plans to go anywhere as we're visiting you.
               Say my regards to grandpa...Take care of your health please...Now I'm moving back to my studies...will see you soon in Jamshedpur...Bye!!
                                                                                 Yours lovingly,