During the reign of Louis XVI, France was broke because of the constant wars with Britain and had used most of its wealth in helping thirteen American colonies battle against their common enemy, The British. Thus France had to take loans and was completely in debt. Also bad weather had ruined the crops. Prices of bread increased suddenly but the wages of peple couldnt be increased. People were hungry and got angry on ther rulers, King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoniette. The king organised an Estate meeting in which the representatives of the three estates (Clergy, Nobles and the Third Estate) met to discuss their problems . The Nobles and The Clergy, each had 300 representatives while the Third estate had 600 representatives, who carried 40000 letters of complaint. During the next meeting, the king didnt allow the Third Estate to join the meeting. The Third Estate then put up a meeting in the indoor tennis court of Versailles and took the Tennis Court oath (that they wot stop unless they create a constitution for France.) This happened in 1798, the start of the Revolution. Years that followed saw a lot of change like, France becoming a Constitutional Monarchy, emergence of the Jacobins etc.