Read the following extract from a conduct book for ‘married women’, published in 1912. ‘God has made the female species delicate and fragile both physically and emotionally, pitiably incapable of self-defence. They are destined thus by God to remain in male protection – of father, husband and son – all their lives. Women should, therefore, not despair, but feel obliged that they can dedicate themselves to the service of men’. Do you think the values expressed in this para reflected the values underlying our constitution? Or does this go against the constitutional values?

NCERT Class 9th: Civics Social Studies (S.St) Chapter 3. Consittutional Design



This values go against the constitutional values.Our constitution gives its every citizen right to equality which means that every one without any discrimination of gender, color etc can exercise his/her opportunity that others enjoy.When it comes to protection the author expresses that women should be under control of its relative specially men but our constitution grants right to freedom to all.Women are also human being not a slave who would serve others entire life.The constitution gives all these rights as fundamental rights and if such rights are violated then the victim can use his right to constitutional remedies or directly approach to supreme court under public litigation act.
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