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--> they helped foreigners to invade india ex:khyber.
-->they played a major role in buisiness,warfare and relocation.
--> these shown a way for the people belonging to buisiness sectors..
-->and these mountain passes created a mountain route between some places.
-->this is located in the uppermost of the route.
-->this passes helped kings to discover new places and to conquer.
-->these are also called as saddles,gaps,notches etc.......
-->and these helped by showng a way to  the traders to trade on this land.
-->this recollects the memories of history.
-->and the khyber pass has been one of the greatest gateway for the invasions of india.

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There has been a vital role of the mountain passes in the history of India and her neighbours., Passes like Nathu La and Khyber Pass prominently. These passes were like saddles on the great heights of the mountain ranges that paved the way for people across the physical borders to carry on trade on land. Khyber Pass has also been one of the gateways for the biggest invasions in Indian sub continent.
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