Food is a fundamental need .  Till this ultra-tech-time people have invented different ways customize foods. The fundamental need of preparing foods is to fulfill the very basic human need: hunger. People now spend less time preparing foods and utilize this time in other tasks.Quick food has become very popular because it omits the needs of cooking.The cooking machines help  housewives prepare  foods easily and they don't have to spend more time in hot kitchens.

 Most of these foods are high in saturated fats and eventually leads to obesity. Till now they cant match the nutrition of freshly prepared  homely food.

Ready-made meals either bought frozen or canned  is a great life saver for those who are away from home.
In the past, preparation of food was a little hard. The most important reason was lack of material, although, this limitation there is no exists today. Foods are always important for human's life. The advances in technology causes we have a chance to prepare our food easily. These progresses in some way improve our life. ....... It too has some advantages ------> Today, we can find every fruits, vegetables and every material that we need for cooking every time. For example, in the past, we had some fruits like oranges, apples just in fall, but now we can buy them in every season. Consequently, we can use these vegetables or fruits in our nourish. Secondly, foods or fruits are saved in refrigerator, so every time that we need them easily put them off from refrigerator and use them. For example, when we do not have enough time for cooking, we can use saved food.
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