1. Application Software are programs employed by the user to perform some specific functions. For example, an application software can be a program used for inventory control in business or a program used for engineering design. Some examples of Application Software are : -

a. Word processors

b. Spreadsheets

c. Database management.

2. System Software consists of all programs, languages and documentation supplied by the manufacturer along with the computer. These programs allow the user to communicate with the computer and write or develop his own programs. This software makes the machine easier to use and helps to make very efficient use of the resources of the hardware. System software are programs held permanently on a machine, which will relieve the programmer from some mundane tasks and will improve resources utilization. Without this software, the user will not be in a position to develop his own application software. System Software is written especially for a particular type of computer. Hence it cannot be used, without any modifications, on different computers. System software is usually supplied by the computer manufacturer. System software includes: