• Take a thin strip of filter paper.
• Draw a line on it using a pencil, approximately 3 cm above the lower edge.
• Put a small drop of ink (water soluble, that is, from a sketch pen or fountain pen) at the centre of the line. Let it dry.
• Lower the filter paper into a jar/glass/ beaker/test tube containing water so that the drop of ink on the paper is just above the water level, as shown and leave it undisturbed.
• Watch carefully, as the water rises up on the filter paper. Record your observations.

1. What do you observe on the filter paper as the water rises on it?
2. Do you obtain different colours on the filter paper strip?
3. What according to you, can be the reason for the rise of the coloured spot on the paper strip?

NCERT Class 9th Science Ch 2 Is Matter Around Us Pure



We observed that the spreading of ink.
it is paper chromatography.