1.After world war 1 in order to promote peace and cooperation and stop the world from another world war an international organisation was formed called "League of nations".
2.But it is very evident from the happening of the 2nd world war that league of nations failed in its attempt to stop world from another war.
3.As a result of this again after world war 2 an
international intergovernmental organisation was formed on a larger scale by the winners of world war 2 called UNO (UNITED NATIONS ORGANISATION) WITH its head quarters at NEW YORK
4. UNO has 6 principle organisations
a.General assembly where all the members of the uno are it's representatives. and presently around 190 member countries are there
b. security council -it's the chief decision making body which has five permanent members popularly called as P5, those are US, China, France, Russia and UK and other 10 members who are non permanent in nature with tenure 2 years
c. secretariat
d. socio and economic council
e. international court of justice
e. trusteeship council

coming to veto power..
It doesn't have any abbreviation.. its a word.
veto is a power given to P5 member to abstain from voting. . as I mentioned earlier security council is a decision making body.. so for any decision to be taken these 5 members must vote in positive. . If any one member uses veto to abstain the decision then they cannot proceed further. it is a exclusive power given to permanent members.
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Uno is united nations oorganisation. All the countries which are democratic are part of this organisation.