Here are some more examples of ‘the’ used with proper names. Try to say what these sentences mean. (You may consult a dictionary if you wish. Look at the entry for ‘the’)

1. Mr Singh regularly invites the Amitabh Bachchans and the Shah Rukh Khans to his parties.
2. Many people think that Madhuri Dixit is the Madhubala of our times.
3. History is not only the story of the Alexanders, the Napoleons and the Hitlers, but of ordinary people as well.

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"The" is an article that is used the same way with "a/an". An article works like an adjective as it also modifies nouns.

"The" is used to modify a particular or specific noun.

1.) the Amitabh Bachchans ; the Shah Rukh Khans. The use of "the" in the above phrase refers to a specific group of people.

2) the Madhubala ; specifically modifies Madhuri Dixit

3) the story, the Alexanders, the Napoleons, the Hitlers - specific type of people or people who share the same attributes or characteristics with Alexander, Napoleon, and Hitler.