ew Delhi, April 21 (IANS) Calling the Indian examination system faulty, education experts at a seminar Tuesday said the system of examination here fails to create questioning minds. Amit Kapoor, chairman of the Institute of Competitiveness who was one of the panellists, said that students in schools and colleges here choose to study at the end of the year with just examinations in mind - thus losing the whole purpose of learning. “Thus the fundamental flaw in the examination system in India is that it creates students with mugging minds instead of questioning minds. The semester system, therefore, is a better option because it’s more regular assessment of what a student has learnt through the year,” he said. Most students, he added, limit their potential by studying only with the aim of securing a job. Educational institutes should instil a sense of confidence in students to study a subject of their choice and create a niche for themselves in a new field. “Educational institutes make job-seekers, and not job creators. They should create entrepreneurs,” Kapoor said. Going a step ahead, Rajeev Katyal, director of education at Microsoft, said the most ideal way of linking education to employability is by encouraging vocational training. “Vocational training is significant because it leads to more employability. Currently only seven percent Indians are getting vocational education,” Katyal said. Kelly Raj, counsellor, department of education, employment and workplace relations, Australia, added: “Vocational education is the perfect link between education and employability”. WHAT KIND of appraisal is needed for students during the course of examinations?
education system as well as education should be job oriened
The present education system in India is leading the students no where as they are more books oriented and the real knowledge comes when really exposed to the outside world and also media.Today students are very lucky to have an the vast exposure to knowledge as they have the internet and other resources like media but it is also important that is is not misused and hence the little extra precaution has to be taken.It is obvious that we are into the study system where it is pure book knowledge and hence the opportunity to out grow reduces.Education system should help the student select the career which he has interest and it is more the parents pressure for the child and hence the education system also is growing in that manner more to please the ranks than the natural output.