Western Ghats

1.Mark the western edge of the Deccan PlateauMark. 2.Continuous, can be crossed through the passes only 3.Higher; average elevation is 900−1600 meters. 4.This range is a source of many large rivers 5.It experiences orographic rain mostly in summer due to the summer monsoons. The climate is hot and moist. 6.Soil is highly fertile. Rice, spices, rubber and fruits like coconuts, cashew nuts etc. are grown

Eastern Ghats
1. the eastern edge of the Deccan Plateau
2.Discontinuous, irregular and dissected by rivers draining into the Bay of Bengal.
3.Lower; average elevation is 600 meters
4.No big river originates from this range
5.It receives rain both in summer and winter, especially in winter through winter monsoons. However, here the rain is lesser than the western strip.
6.Soil is not as fertile as western ghats. Rice, ground nuts, cotton, tobacco, coconuts etc. are grown