Problem-People living near chemical industry may suffer from serious health problemsThe smoke from industries my pollute air which will cause acid rain and respiratory problemsChemicals may contaminate water and land also. Solutions-e.g-Bhopal gas tragedy of union carbide was due to leakage of Methyl Isocynide. Solution : As it was not absorbed 100 percent ,the technology , and plant commissioning was carried out hurriedly-which was the root cause of this debacle affecting on large scale to operating people.The gas leakage had spread to the people in the vicinity and around the plant due to toxic effect and within short duration we found more no of people getting affected , like blurred vision, broanchities,bone TB etc. The location of such industry should have been quite isolated and away from City area to avert such disasters, Disposal of chemicals stored should have been suitably destroyed and disposed off instead of inordinate delay due to legal battle of responsibility