Adult Education the most important thing to be implemented in the countries where the poverty level is more. We know that for education the age limit is not a barrier. If any person wanna study then yes they can study. But yet the we know that the adult education is bit tough to implement because there will only some people who will be interested in studies in their adult age. But we know that in our country the farmers go for adult education. This is really awesome thing that being adult around 35 to 40 also they are interested in getting educated in the their life. The adult education can lessen the poverty level. The adult education is really a stupendous work that can be done because the adult education will help out our country's development a lot.
Ways to implement adult education :
1. We need to create the intreseted in the adults for the adult education.

2. We need to start the adult schools in our country.

3. The adult education and the ways to of education should be improved a lot.  
Educating our elders at home by the young children of the modern times, can also be called adult education.  As adults and elders are people of yesteryears, they may not be able to know some good points about life, health, food, hygiene, society, world, etc.  This could happen even if they are educated to some extent.  Thus the children could help them to be on par with the latest knowledge by teaching them.  We could often observe that young children do not like and do not take interest in teaching their elders.  So the young must realize that teaching their own elders is necessary and is their duty too.