It's actually when there is a poet who is lying on his bed when he comes to know that it is raining when he feels the humid climate and its dark clouds. he feels that when there was no rain the environment was very quite but when the rain started it is not the roof is made up of tin so when the rain falls on it , it makes beautiful sounds which the poet likes. as he is lying and listening to the sounds it makes the sound echo in his heart.he then comes to see many memories such as of his mother
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1. Yes, my mother used to tuck me in when I was a young child, just like the poet’s mother did. (Self-experience question)

2. Yes, I like the rain. When it rains steadily I get into my house and enjoy the weather with family. We enjoy tea. It is wonderful experience (self-experience question)

3. No, everybody is not fortunate enough to have a cosy bed to lie in when it rains. Not everybody gets to enjoy the comfort of cosy homes during rain. I have seen animals seeking shelter under trees and under the tin roofs of the small roadside tea stalls. The people passing by shoo away these animals and try to shrink themselves under the limited space of these shops. The poor animals are left shivering and drenching on the roads. The shopkeepers of such stalls are delighted as the people waiting for the rain to subside often end up buying tea and snacks.

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