Q.1. Why do we sweat more in humid day?

Q.2. Does the evaporation of a liquid occur only at fix temperature?

Q.3. Represent freezing and boiling temperature of water in celsius to kelvin.

Q.4. When a crystal of copper sulphate is placed at the bottom of a beaker containing water, the colour of water slowly comes blue.Why?

Q.5. What happens to the heat energy supplied to a solid once it starts melting?

Q.6. Why do wet clothes do not dry easily on a rainy day?



its because sweat does not evaporate easily in humid weather because the air already has enough vapor in it. As a result, sweat remains on the skin and the body does not cool down efficiently,unlike during hot,dry days when sweat quickly evaporates from the skin.

No. The temperature doesn't have to be the same for a liquid to evaperate. so if the temperature was constanly changing then the liquid could still evaperate.

boiling point =100 C==>373 K
 freezing point=0C===>273 K

on a rainy day ,the humidity level will be more.as the humidity in the atmosphere is more,it cant take in more water.so because of this the clothes will take much time to get dry

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1.as the atmosphere is more humid and contains more humidity we sweat more because our sweat won't be vaporised bcoz there is alot of humidity present in the atmosphere.and clouds can hold olny limited amount of water vapour.so our sweat won't be vaporised and we feel soo sweaty. 2. Evaporation is a process that describes the change of state of liquid into solid.It generally takes place at boiling point. But evaporation also takes place at temperatures higher than boiling point as the process has already begun. 3.boling point= 100°C ----373K. Freezing point= 0°C-----273K. 4.when crystal of copper sulphate is placed in water the color of water changes into blue bcoz copper sulphate solution forms.and this is the reason for the changing of colour. 5.the heat energy which is supplied to the solid increases of the current temperature is less than that of the melting point.and when the temperature starts reaching its melting point the solid will be absorbing the heat energy and increasing its internal energy.this breaks bonds between the molecules and makes them more mobile.and then the liquid starts melting.and at this same temperature the solids starts to absorb an energy that's called latent heat of fusion.which changes the state of solid to liquid.... 6.rainy day is the when more and many clouds are made and the atmosphere will be containing more humidity so the clothes takes much time to dry up than in the summer season.as the vapour is more in the atmosphere it takes much time to evaporate. Hope this helps u.pls mark as brainliest.
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