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Nicola and jacopo : 1. they were mature; that's they have been called as two gentlemen
2. they were ready to work and ran errands
3. they were polite as they never shouted on the narrator that they cannot tell him their secret
4.they were  willing to work
5. they were self-esteemed as they did not wanted to tell the narrator abt their secret bcoz they knew that if they would tell him the truth then he will help him and they did not wanted anyone to show mercy on them
6. they were hard-working as they were selling newspapers even at mid-night
7. they loved their sister very much which is the reason why they worked so hard and did not spend money on themselves
WE: 1. we are not mature as we never understand what really needs to be done, what is right and what is wrong
2.we are not hardworking, or polite or willing to work
3.we are somewhat self-esteemed but most of us are proudy
4.we also love our family members but it is not selfless love like nicola and jacopo
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