It is a story of a 12 year old girl abt how she taught  her gm to read.
they lived in a village where the transport system was not good so the newspapers and magzines came 1 week later usually on Wed.
there was one mag. named karmaveera in which a story named kashi yatre was printed as series and her gm. was very much interested in reading it.but the only prob. was she did not know how to read kannada language so the 12 year old girl used to read out to her.
 once the gilr went to nearby village to attend a wedding and the gm was alone when the mag. came but she could not read it. that day she felt embarrassed that she being 62 years old did not know kannada language. so when her granddaughter came she asked her to be her teacher
and set laxmi pooja at diwali as her deadline. and both of them worked hard and at last her gm. learnt the language.
at diwali the gm. gave her gd. a gift of frock piece and touched her feet as a sign of respect for her teacher.and the gd. gave her a gift of the book ' kashi yatre'. the gm. immediately read the name of author and the publisher which was the sign for the gd. that her student has passed with flying colours.
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