The following dialogue is for 2 child hood friends who are still teenagers: 

1st Friend : Hi, How are you? How have you been? Look at you! You are getting quite bigger ! Where have you been? 
2nd Friend:Lot's of questions? Ummm, I'm fine. How about you? You have grown bigger as well. So, how is school? 
1st Friend : I quite enjoy my new school. I've lots of friends there. 
2nd Friend: Nice to hear that. But my school is quite boring!!! I have very little time to play! 
1st Friend: Why don't you tell your father to let you get admitted at our school! It would be fun. 
2nd Friend: I know, but my father won't allow me to. My father thinks the school I'm reading in is a really good school and besides yours one is far from my home. 
2nd Friend: Anyway, how are your parents? And Do you still play computer games? 
1st : They are okay. I do play outdoor games. My parents let me play the computer games only for 1 hour a day. They say it's bad for my eyes and health. I play in the fields with my friends.Initially I hated it but Now I've started loving it. 
Gotta go... My uncle is waiting in the car.See you. 
2nd Friend: Take care. come visit our house. 
1st Friend: You too.