Let the conversation be between  sai and raj.
Raj: hey sai , u know that this was the same thing that you used to do when you were a kid.
Sai: and wht is it??
Raj: sai you always used to tap your feet on the ground when you get very angry..
Sai: Do i used to do that?
Raj : yes, sai remember that our class teacher miss rani used to scold you when you do that??
Sai: yes raj... those preety old childhood days.............. They always make let me enter a new world........
Raj: i agree. with u sai.  Just like everyday is new ,our childhood days are the best and most unique things in our lives
Sai: believe me raj these are the only days in your life that bring you the most joy as u live in a capsule of love of parents. These unique days always bring pleasure to us and our parents if we think about them. Life turns out to be a basket of joy gifted to you in childhood.......
Raj: you are true sai. I always find happiness when we think about all the naughty things that we used to do when we were kids.Do you remember that we used to get caught by our teacher a lot whenever we used to throw paper kites all around the class??
Sai: aahh, yes, yes.. how can we forget that raj?
Raj: exactly sai. how can we forget those good ,old days....

so friendv u can make this longer by just writing about ur own chilhood memories

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