My life goes like this.I enjoy my life as I wish. But in education I take help of my parents because they are the right people who knows much well about us.I take help of my parents if I get any doubts in studies. But when it comes to a certain age of marrying I will choose the correct person who is suitable to me.he should have the qualities like helping nature,understanding each other,believe on me, etc.. My life is very good.but when it comes to bad luck .it always travels in me.becoz the people with whom I will be close they will be far away from me and I miss them. And except this everything is good luck. What ever I need I comes to me as a good luck. But our life is short but we should make it long by filling happiness, joyetcc..
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Life is a boon that god gifted us my life is really so good because I have support of my parents in every problem and company of my friends in my happiness.My family and frinds are themost beautiful gift of my life they are the reason of my smile

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