The story of Nicola and Jacopo teaches us a lesson of love, faith and trust. These qualities are imparted to human beings by God, the Almighty. We can call them godly qualities without whic our co-existence with oters will become impossible. We should not be seflish and incosiderate towards others. We should not hurt the feelings of others. We should have faith in others. In today \'s world where all the actions are guided by self interest there is a need of lvoe and mutual trust. The whole fabric of society is torn because of hatred and enmity. There is a need of family bond. Now a days families are breaking up. There is no mutual trust and mutual love. There is not respect for one another. This is the lesson that we should learn from Nicola and his brother who work hard to keep their family bond alive. We should love others, care for others and must have mutual understanding and trust. We should love others, care for others and must have mutual understanding and trust. Only these values distinguish us from animals.

The Boys proved that they are great.Two young boys of verona, Nicola and Jacopo proved that their family background is well cultured. These boys and their family were highly affected due to war, their father was shot up and dead , and their sister was suffering from tuberclosis of spine ! But still they never lost their confidence, self - diginity. they tried very hard to save their sister and they bear the pain of stravation , they wore worn out clothes. they had done every work to save her like selling fruit
baskets ,newspapers , polishing shoes etc..they never spent more money for their own sake they saved their monbey to save their sister.They gave the spirit to society that one can survive even in a hazardous conditions, if they have LOVE, FAITH and TRUST for their be loved ones