Once there was a kid named Ali.He was 7yrs old.He was from a poor family.His parents died in a accident when he was very young.From then,his grandmother took care of him.
             It was Ramzan and the festive mood was seen in his village.But in his house there was not a single grain of food to eat.Ali was preparing to go to the mosque with his friends Hameed and Masood.He had an amount of Rs3 with him.After the namaz,he went with his friends to a nearby fair.His friends were buying sweets and toys.Even Ali wanted to buy the sweets he likes but then he remembered about his old grandmother.He thought that his grandmothers fingers get burnt when she makes roti's.She did not have a plucker to take out the roti's without burning her hands.So,he went to a nearby shop and asked the rate of the plucker.The shopkeeper said it was Rs5.So, Ali bargained for it and bought it for Rs3.His friends were laughing at him but Ali was not bothered about them.He went home with the plucker and gave it to his grandmother.Seeing this his grandmother was really pleased and blessed him.