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education is very important for all of us in our life .it is the basic element of life without which a man cannot live.but at the same time education has adverse effects.home work which is also a part of education is becoming a burden to students giving homework is not wrong but giving lot of home work can cause health  problems like a lot oh home work means to carry a lot of books which ultimately leads to back pain.lots of home work causes children to be awake till late night causing many problems
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Does it effect Family relationships,dress/fashion,Giving respect to elders.
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****Education is a very important part of our life.every one has the right to gain education.many nice and good school have rose in the society.we all go to the school everyday to gain education.these help us to make our good is very essential in todays are also adverse effects of education like a lot of pressure on the children due to which they cannot go to any trip.some children fall sich due to thidls pressure.the parents habe to work hard and look after their the school should teach more and give less homework.
*****Education is the most important part of our lives. education is the knowledge of putting one's potentials to maximum use one can safely say that a human being is not in educated education  help the people to give right decegen it is the key to breaking cycle of poverty
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Does it effect Family relationships,dress/fashion,Giving respect to elders and what are the effects