Sometimes writers highlight certain negative aspects in society or
human beings by making fun of it. This is called satire. In your groups
discuss whether you would classify this story as a satire. Give reasons to
support your answer

NCERT Class 10th: Literature Reader English Ch 2 Mrs Packletide's Tiger




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This story is the perfect example of the word satire, where the writer has picked up the jealousy of the fair sex. In todays society, everyone just wants to show off their personal stuffs and only think of themselves by proving their superiority. The first incident in this story related to the satire was the Mrs. Packeltide action whose motive was only to show off. On the other hand, Loona declined to attend the luncheon party because she wouldn’t like the people praising Mrs. Packeltide. Next, the whole situation of the tiger hunt is also full of satire. The writer demonstrates the real picture of society governed by wealth and mutual dislikes for each other.