The reforms brought by the jacobin government under Robespierre were as follows:
(a) Elections were held .All men of 21 years and above regardless of wealth got the right to vote.The newly formed government was called Convention.
(b) Jacobin's abolished monarchy and declared France a republic.
(c) The period from 1793 to 1794 is considered as Reign of Terror because Robespierre followed a principle of severe punishment and control.
(d) Robespierre's government issued laws placing a maximum ceiling on wages and prices.
(e) Meat and bread were rationed.Peasants were forced to transport their grains to cities and sell it at prices fixed by the government.The use of more expensive white flour was forbidden.
(f) Instead of the traditional Monsieur (sir) and Madame (madam) all French men and women were henceforth Citoyen and Citioyenne.
(g) Churches were shutdown and their buildings were converted into barracks or offices.