I am a river I was formed from the snow of the mountains that are near by. I am really useful for every one in many ways I do give place for the water survival animals like fish and all other animals. I am at the starting very much clean and clear but when I come to wards the living areas of the people they just every time pollute me. the industries all around me are polluting me  by their solid and liquid wastes throwing in to me this is so horrible and the same human being use me for the drinking and all kind of the things. I am actually a good and clean thing but these humans are really making me horrible. this is a bad thing. the river my self don't say anything to them so they are crossing the limits but one day they are going to be wars held for my purpose. this wars may be from people to people or even to countries to countries. this wars may also interned to civil wars and the man kind would go in to the troubles. the water from is really important to the people but these people don't know my importance and they are going to one kill themselves by polluting me. the people in many the countries are trying to save me but they are un able to do this task very easily