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Dear sir(king),
                 hello sir hope your fine, i am fine.i am mainly writing this letter to tell you that now presently i am in china and it i want to tell you about the world of print i've seen its really good ,some of the important things i want to tell you is people living here have started printing it is a wonderful technique with which we can take copies of different hand written things which would also help in knowing about all things happening in our place ,and get educated about them.
i hope the people of our kingdom would also try these.

your's obediently,
Marco polo.

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# 7, Lah Xiang,
The Palm Street,
Constantinople 23


Dear ____________,
I have arrived at Constantinople. This place is neat! I see writings all around me and traders with the best of their works. I find new types of fabric and material. This place interests me very much. I see many new things. These people are skilled with their elaborate block printings, so simple as print. In fact, paper money is the means of currency here! So beautiful everything is..... These things, I will introduce in our region to make it even better.
Yours forever, 
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