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It was a moody morning when ramu woke up very late and his mom was scolding him . His dad was going to office , he was in hurry. He shouted on his wife that he had an urgent meeting in his office and if he go late his boss may cut his salary.Aruna his wife stopped scolding ramu and hurrily ran towards kitchen and started packing lunch box. Ramu went to brush his teeth and his father took the luch bag and rushed out caught a bus to go to his office. While he was going he saw a poor boy who was begging on the roadside as Raju father of Ramu is a kind hearted man he gave all the money he had in his vallet that is just Rs.50. He reached his office and he met his boss . His boss said him to get a bunch of flowers for tbe costamers coming from abrod. But raju don't have money with him he gave all his money to that boy . But also he went to the shop, while going he saw his childhood friend his bestie ravi on the way he stopped him and were speaking about their childhood days and their present career when raju said he had a son called ramu ravi gave Rs. 500 to raju and said him to buy something for him. Raju said no but ravi forced him , atlast he took it. Now Raju got money for the flowers he was very happy . Moral: by this story we can say that if we help others god will help us in any way.
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                              " The great treasure found "

The fast flowing streams down the valley of flowers in utrakhand ambience and a conducive environment but who knew that there was a great treasure under the bed in our room which we took for heir for 2 days. I was there in utrakhand with all my best and craziest friends for many adventure acts like mountain climbing, rowing a boat in the fast flowing streams and even horse riding etc. We all for the first day have done all the small adventures like rowing a boat, horse riding etc. We were too much tired and then we came to the room which we took for heir at a cheap cost because we had spend all our money in the adventures only. The room was too small but we all could manage to stay there because we will be there for 2 nights and that's it. 
                                  We bought some small quantity of food for us to eat at that time. we had our dinner and we were just cracking jokes all around and we were kidding and having to much fun, till then the time was 11 night hence we decided not to disturb each other and sleep. I had to sleep on the floor because the room was small. I had no objection with it and I slept peacefully just below the bed. I had a habit of moving here and there in sleep. as usually I started moving right, left, up and down then suddenly I hit something with my head towards my right side. I was really too much painful and I shouted too loudly because of that all my friends woke up and they started asking what happened - what happened.
                             I said that " I hit something with my head under the bed. " all of my friends were laughing too much, going on they were laughing. then among all my friends one of my friend sahil went under the bed and he was searching for the thing that I hit. then suddenly with in 5 minutes sahil started shouting loudly " OH MY GOD " and  then we found a great valuable treasure under the bed and we were too much happy for it because we found a great treasure there. we again came back to Mumbai and we've enjoyed a lot and even we had threw a party for rest of our friends.

                            " The voice made me amazed "

I was amazed to find my bed go round and round and stars twinkling above my head I didn't knew what to do I was just starring the stars and even I was seeing down, I could only see that the tall-tall buildings are as the small ants in front of me because I was on top of the world where the stars were just above me. the stars were looking me and they were giggling and laughing seeing me I don't know why I could not even ask them why because I don't know their names and even who they are. Then suddenly I could hear a loud and great voice from behind me that too with my name. " hey shraddha ( use your name instead of mine ) what are you doing here ? " I slowly turned behind and I could see that the there was the moon. the favorite of all time of mine. I was literally shouting and saying hello to it and even it responded to me I was amazed and I was feeling like I've completed one among my best wishes. I would hear again some ones voice it was just I've know that voice. then there was some one calling me continuously then when i woke up the bed i saw it was morning 7:45am and i had to get ready to the school and the person who was calling me was my dad but not moon instead actually.


                                      " The red stain on my shirt "

when it was raining heavily the street lights  had gone off I was returning home from my five years orison. I had snatched a gold chain from a lady. the gold chain was really valuable. so, I snatched it from her but unfortunately I was caught by a cop and I had to suffer a lot in the jail. I was lucky to get out of the prison soon ( escape from ). when I was walking to wards my home it was dark all around me and I felt that someone was following me from past 10 minutes and then there was a loud thud sound the cycle parked on the road fell down and the stagnant water around the cycle spilled all over me. I could not understand why there were red marks color marks on my shirt instead of the brown muddy color. there was a loud scream from a lady probably following me. I turned back slowly and there I could see a large dark faced lady. the amazing thing was that the lady had only one eye and nothing else on the face. by seeing her face I could not control my laugh and I bust out laughing loud. the lady was a ghost actually but I could not make it out. she followed me till my home. I was not tensed or scared because I don't believe in the ghosts or devil.  
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