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Well the friction is sometimes even eco friendly and even sometimes the friction go worst by which the energy consumption by the machines used is really going to a extreme level.

We know that with out friction we cannot stop the work doing by any object. example : if I'm writing some notes I will be only able to continue writing but I would not be able to stop until the friction works on me. other example is while a train is moving until and unless the friction would act up on the train the train will be moving for years together till friction acts on it. Here we can consider the friction as " ECO FRIENDLY "

We know the Newton's first law that states that a body at rest would remain in rest and the body in the uniform motion continuous its motion in a straight line until and unless any other force is acted up on that object. 

Well even the friction is a " FOE " ( or ) " NOT ECO FROENDLY " because of the friction much energy is used up by the machines and even this causes the sounds by the machine to produce because the friction acts in the opposite direction for the normal force which is applied.

Therefore I conclude that friction is both " ECO FRIENDLY " and even " NOT FRIENLDY "
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The friction is ecofriendly.friction is evil and also a friend.friction helps in many ways. But if we want to prove that friction is eco friendly then we can say that we can't live without friction.for every slightest movement there will be friction working upon.we need friction to walk,move,stop etc.... Nd if frictions not there then the objects which are moving will be continuing to move but the object will not be stopping coz there's no friction working upon the object....which is stated in Newton's first law of motion. So here we can say friction is ecofriendly.that means it causes no harm. And also there won't be any rivers flowing,kangaroos jumping,snakes crawling,etc... If there is no friction..... So--Friction is Eco friendly here. But we can also say that friction isnt ecofriendly. Bcoz it also causes dangers,and also harms our environment. Some times when there are vehicles moving on a rough/kuccha road then friction will be more and by that the harmful gas emits from the vehicles as a result that pollutes air,and harms environment....and also some accidents are caused by the friction. And energy consumption will be more if friction is more..... So we can conclude that friction is both -Friendly and eco friendly... Hope this helps...pls mark as brainliest
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