Ladies and gentleman, and all my lovely friends. Now a days, world is facing the global challenges, We must be ready to face every challenges. According to the opinion of some experts, one of the problems faced by all the states in the world, instead of our country Indonesia is global warming. And now, global warming become the world problem. Global warming always connected by greenhouse effect that is a process increase the mean body temperature of the earth’s surface. Ladies and gentleman, and all my lovely friends. The changing global climate and natural disaster that happened lately, wake up our awareness about natural warning. We can see how those things cause sufferings upon mankind. Many people have to sustain a loss, homeless, died and become refugee because of flood. This condition is worsened by disposal of waste and pollution which had caused environment problems. The usage of pesticide and fertilizer in large amount by farmers have also brought about unknown diseases. That problem become a very big Challenge, well known with global warming. Is it a price that we should pay for our carelessness? Ladies and gentleman, and all my lovely friends. Because of that, all the states in the world together search solution by this problem, Technologies exist today that can cut emissions of heat-trapping gases and make a real difference in the health of our planet, but the great solutions is if we want get started today to save our earth from global warming. The question is have we as Minahasa people already to change the world?. As the society we must have sense of caring, sense of belonging, and sense of responsibility for keeping the ocean pure, clean, and saved.