Here is some information about four countries. Based on this
information, how would you classify each of these countries. Write
‘democratic’, ‘undemocratic’ or ‘not sure’ against each of these.
a Country P: The parliament cannot pass a law about the army
without the consent of the Chief of Army.
b Country Q: The parliament cannot pass a law reducing the powers
of the judiciary.
c Country R: The country’s leaders cannot sign any treaty with
another country without taking permission from its neighbouring
d Country S: All the major economic decisions about the country
are taken by officials of the central bank which the ministers cannot

NCERT Class 9th: Civics Social Studies (S.St) Ch 2 What is Democracy? Why Democracy?



1. UNDEMOCRATIC because in such a situation army can take up the power the country making it completely undemocratic.It can make the Chief of the Army the head of the country.

2. NOT SURE because the powers to the Judiciary are given by the Constitution and if the powers are reduced then the law and order in the state would also reduce.

3. DEMOCRATIC because every country has the right to take decisions for his country.

4. UNDEMOCRATIC because ministers of a country are chosen by the people of country and they too want to take decisions for the welfare of the country.