15, Nehru Park
26 Aug 2011

The district magistrate,
Bangalore Rural, 
Sub: Complaint regarding nuisance of loudspeakers 

             I, On behalf of the residents of my locality, would like to draw your kind attention towards the nuisance of loudspeakers in the city increasing day by day. They are used in temples and gurdwaras. They are, also, used in marriages, jagarans, meetings, rallies and all sorts of social, religious and other gatherings. Whenever the people gather for social cause at one place, they use it as if this is their birth right to disturb the people. The poor students are the worst sufferers. They find it difficult to concentrate on their studies. For the common man, too, the noise of loudspeakers is very irritating.
Think of those who are the patients of hypertension, or those who sleep on pills! How much painful it might be for them to cope with such an odd situation created by their fellow brethren.             Therefore, your good self is cordially requested that some checks must be put on the use of loudspeakers in the city so that the residents can get a calm and peaceful atmosphere to live in. A sure shot action is solicited in this regard.Hoping for your diligent and favourable response.Thanking you,  
    Yours faithfully
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