there is a phrase 'good work and bad work comes back,so be good' .this phrase also teaches us a good days there are hardly people left who thinks about others welfare.all the people are just concerned about there own selves.we always do something which will be beneficial for us.but i think that we should look after the welfare of the poor people.when we do something for others,we  first of all feel better and the happiest person in the world.we get a lot of blessing from the people whom we have as a fact good deeds reflect good characters.

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Gandhiji said, " if MONEY is lost, nothing is lost, if health is lost , something is lost but if character is lost everything is lost. A person's character is revealed only through his actions. Appearances may be deceptive but a person can't be pretending his entire life. If a person helps others, it reveals his kind nature. If a person behaves rudely, it shows his arrogance. If a person says the truth always, he is being honest. Abraham Lincoln rightly said, " your character is what you are when you are alone ". If a person is of good character, he will do good deeds not only in the presence of strangers but even when he is alone. All children are good when they are born. But because of their habits some become great and some become worse. We must all understand that "we live in deeds not in years". Our deeds reflect our character. Hence it is extremely important that we develop good character to be remembered forever.