U know i basically live in Bahrain. So i'm totally different from all u guys cause i don't always depend on my parents but off course i depend on my dad mostly.
So what i'm trying to say is that i recently went for a trip to the USA and that too alone. Kind of lonely was it cause my dad couldn't accompany me.So there, i stayed with my aunt who has a large mansion there. It is a kind of creepy house and the most interesting fact is that it has lots and lots of rooms and has a large compound with lawns. So it came to be interesting when we went to see places of interest like Walt Disney World , Central Park , Golden Gate Bridge , Las Vegas Stripe and many more.......
It was interesting and i totally enjoyed the trip for 1 week and i had to comeback cause my school was gonna start early. I wish i could go there again and this time to enjoy their various dishes......
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                               The monkey's spooky comportment

The most wonderful trip of my life would be trip to Bangalore with my school mates. It was a school trip so we had to see many different places. Firstly we went to a temple and there after seeing the temple, we even saw few monkeys. Monkeys were jumping all around and one of the money came around and it started picking up the snacks from the bag packs and they were enjoying seeing us struggling with our bag packs so that they will not steal our things. Well there was one of our class mate named Nithin how also bought a smart phone. He was bit too much interested in clicking the images of historical places. So he was clicking the images then suddenly a monkey from no where came out jumping and it was trying to take his camera and it got successful and it pulled of the camera. It was real weird and real disgusting and funny even because a monkey purloin off a person camera and the person running behind and begging it to give him his camera back. At last he got his camera after a lot of grapple and after visiting few more places we were back to our own place.

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It was my first ever trip to Europe with none along with me. A bit nervous, happy, enthusiastic and even a small fear in the heart because I was trouble some in the flights I sometimes by mistake throw the juice I ordered on the side by person to me or else I would in tension bite nails hope those were my nails but no it were my co-passengers nails. So that I would not make any problem in the flight I had to control my self a lot. Then I decided to not do anything and sit quietly until I reach my first destiny that is Poland. I could not send my 1 hour in my 2 and half hour journey quietly. Then the agitation and the vexation feeling started in me. I though to remain cool so I asked the air hostess to fetch me a glass of water. As she came along with the water. I suddenly stood up so I could take the glass properly but no the water spilled over me, the air hostess and even the one around me. Well I've done many dodgy ( low quality things ) but yet I enjoyed my trip to Europe.
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