In India's heroes,the bravery and selflessness of people like Chhotu Chaiwala,DIG Ashok Kamte and his comrades inspired him.Though the people were not well known as the other idols his classmates wanted to be like,Kabir was moved by their sense of duty.These people did not abandon their duties and fulfilled them.One has any duties to fulfill before he can take rest,as said in the poem "Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening",by Frost.Kabeer was inspired by Karambir Singh Kang,who did not break down even on hearing of his family's death.Such people are hard to find.The devotion of Kabeer's idols towards their duty inspired him.
One can do something if one has the courage and will to help others.All of ua can be heroes.A true hero does not hope for fame or recognition.He does selfless service,sometimes at the riskof his life.These heroes were prompted simply by a sense of duty towards humanity.These qualities inspired Kabeer.
Kabeer was inspired by the way his idols fought against the agents of evil.