PEACE-THE NEED OFHOURPeace is an ideal of freedom, peace,and happiness among and within allnations and/or people. World peace is anidea of planetary non-violence by whichnations willingly cooperate, eithervoluntarily or by virtue of a system ofgovernance that prevents warfare. Theterm is sometimes used to refer to acessation of all hostility amongst allhumanity.Self-Organized Peace World peace has been depicted as a consequence oflocal, self-determined behaviors that inhibit theinstitutionalization of power and ensuing violence. Thesolution is not so much based on an agreed agenda, oran investment in higher authority whether divine orpolitical, but rather a self-organized network of mutuallysupportive mechanisms, resulting in a viable politico-economic social fabric. The principle technique forinducing convergence is thought experiment,namely backcasting, enabling anyone to participate nomatter what cultural background, religious doctrine,political affiliation or age demographic. Similarcollaborative mechanisms are emerging from theInternet around open-source projects,including Wikipedia, Need4Peace, and the evolution ofsocial media.
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