He disapproves of cheating and deception, but some of his favorite things are wizard chess, spiders, and gnomes, and he even approves of Ron's pet owl, Pigwidgeon. Sirius called him "the most intelligent of his kind I've ever met," but may not have known at the time that he was part Kneazle. Who is this large, bowlegged ginger cat that Hermione bought in Diagon Alley?



Answer:Cleansweep31. Harry Potter performed the Cruciatus Curse on this wizard after he spit in McGonagall's face; thisfollowed an argument in which he tried to convince her that Ravenclaw students had summoned You-Know-Who to Hogwarts.After the takeover of the school, he forced students to learn the Dark Arts,but he ended up captured and under McGonagall's Imperius Curse.Who, FTP, is this Death Eater,brother of Alecto?Answer:Amycus Carrow32. The national Hungarian team for this activity lost to Wales at one point, but theDaily Prophetthought it was too boring to cover.Many Hogwarts students own their own sets, and Harry wanted tobuy a solid gold set in Diagon Alley.Besides the International League, there is also a Hogwarts clubfor, FTP, what game in which marble-like stones spit horrible fluid at players who lose a point?Answer:Gobstones