Hitler was first a person of Germany army but he was so unsatisfied with the works of Treaty of Versailles. Because they imposed fines , decreased naval strike and etc.... So he raised up the party called Nazi party. In his rule he killed many Zeus . according to enabling act,1933 all the powers of country are taken by him side keeping the Weimar (German parliament) .In 1939 he attacked Poland to reoccupy the Danzing port from Poland. This was the immediate provocation of second world war.
Hitler was born in austria. He attempted to become a painter but did not succeed. He then went to germany where he joins the army and fights in ww1; earning a bravery award. After the war he is invited to join the german workers party where he uses his oratorical skills to gain more supporters. In 1923 he leads a failed rebellion against the german weimar govt and is sentenced to five years; which is reduced to nine months during which time he writes his famous book; mein kampf; where he outlines his vision of expanding german land space as well as his racial views on the aryan race. He reorganises the german workers party to the nazi party, his lesson from the failed rebellion will make him decide to gain power through manipulating the laws, thus he took part in elections; the nazi prty does badly until 1929; when the great depression turn the german pple towards extremism; the party did well in the 1932 elections and by 1933 he is made chancellor; he then passes the enabling act to bypass the checks by the president on him and effectively becomes dictator; at death of the president in 1934 he becomes fuehrer; collapsing positions of chancellor and president. Using powers of oratory and ruthless methods he consolidates his power and prepares germany on the road to war; unitng with austria in 38; czech taken thru deal with britain and then walking into poland in 39 triggering ww2; he would have succeeded if not for attackking thr ussr thus opening himself to a two front war; eventually he is defeated and commits suicide rather than be captured by stalin's forces,