22, oakfield street
Pr 10  6AA

22 April 2016

Dear katie,

How are u? I presently shifted to Preston with my mom,dad and my brother.
Hope all are fiine there. 

I'm writing this letter to say about a weird and creepy dream that came true recently. My grandma passed away and that made us to shift back here.So here's what happened.When my grandma passed away everyone was so heart-broken that they were crying and weeping.I was standing near a corner and was sobbing.Just as i looked at everyone, it was like everything just froze.It was like i could see through each and every person standing there and no one was even looking at me.Whenever i went near to her to stare at her , i could see her moving.But wasn't she dead?How could she move? She then moved and looked at me and whenever the prayer was over she would lay down back as if nothing happened.Kind of weird right.Well this was just a dream.But it happened in reality.I was so scared.

Hope u will write me if u had any dreams like this.