When the pollen is mature it is in the 2 celled stage i.e.the vegetative and the generative cell.

The generative cell divides mittotically to give rise to the 2 male gametes before pollen grains are shed, which is in the 3 celled stage.
Usually generative cell reaches into  the pollen tubes and then divides to form the male gametes.
If your diaphragm is paralyzed, your lung does not work at all. The diaphragms help the lung to ingest air . Without the diaphragm working the lung just sits there and does nothing. When the diaphragm is not working then the the internal organs can move up and cramp the lung as well. making breathing even more difficult. the liver normally moves higher into where the lung hangs and cramp the lung by about 50 % in most cases. This has different affects for different people and can really make breathing very difficult and stop most things you do. however life as you know it is over and you cannot do any thing whats ever that needs exertion. Simple things like making love are very difficult even in good cases. Running is out, swimming is out most people can walk without any problems, climbing stairs etc is very hard.