The message of the story,"India's Heroes" is that terrorism, the agent of evil, has no religion,because no religious person would kill innocent people.This story also tells us that one should be devoted towards one's duty.Had the people like Major Unnikrishnan and Karambir Singh Kang not been loyal towards their duties, the 26/11 attacks would have been even more disastrous. There would be more blood, many more tears and many more innocent people killed.This story also teaches us that we should help others in need.Had people like Chhotu Chaiwala not helped in transporting the injured to the hospital,many would not have made it to this day.We must serve our country and it's people,however we can.Also,we should not work for fame or recognition,rather we should work to make this world a better place.We should work selflessly to make our nation terror free.
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