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One day I had went to a crowded place.In the crowded place i stay fo 12-13 hours and enjoyed with my parents .But at last when we was just about to leave that crowded area suddenly i slept behind my parents.As we were in grup of12- 13 peoples so they dont noticed me that was slept and they moved on. After sometime when i waked up i seen hat no one was there of our group and the group also start shouting for me but  iwas not able to hear it .I got a man who visited there alone and ia sked him to take to my parents but first that stranger and me have a coffeee together and with the help of phone i contacted to my parents.

It taught me a lesson that we should be careless at any atime and at any place
Once I participated in a debate competition and the same day ,same time ,the same place,there was a fancy dress competition held too.Everyone was dressed in colorful dresses.But there was one from the smiling faces whose face showed he was red with embarrassment in his own mind as he was in his school uniform.The actual reason that why he was dress so was that he was the only good speaker in his nursery school.Everyone turned at him and started gossiping about the little one and the dress.Even I was in the crowd.May be I was in the top of my voice.The result was that he listened what I said.That was too much weird for me that I have broken a small piece of the boy's heart.After he noticed that every one had the same topic to discuss,he felt embarrassment. He was not ready to go on stage with the uniform as he wanted to wear the trendy one which was the dress everyone was wearing.After he wore his dress he decided not to go on stage as to when he wanted to wear his dress the parents did not allow,but because of his stubborn behavior his parent allowed him.So he decided hat he will not go to the stage for the welcome speech and his performance.SO there was no welcome speech.
What I learnt from this child was that Being stubborn is not bad but being rude and talking about someone at his back was bad.The little child really taught me the most important lesson in my life.