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Our life is simple as water but we make it as difficult as number system.We should always make it simple and enjoy every little part of it.But if we do wrong deeds it gives us tension and we ignore little things surrounding us that just blooms like childrens laughter and makes us happy.
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Life is something which should be enjoyed to the fullest. Life brings many sorrows and happiness with itself, it totally depends on the human that how he tackle his life. If you ask me about my life then I would just say that there are ups and downs in everyone's life. I am too having happiness and problems but my way of dealing with problems is a little different. I just don't think about it. You should just find ways to live happy. I am happy because I don't allow problems to be in my life for a longer period. Do those things after which you feel good. I am enjoying my life by doing the things in which I get pleasure. So live your life to the fullest and be strong.... Because That's the Spirit...
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