This is true our will and determination can from overcoming all the problems.
will is the positive thinking which we have to keep and determination is the firmness of purpose. in today's World all have to keep their will strong to determine their goal. there is a saying that " Where there is will there is way "
and it is absolute truth.
I have a story. the story is all about will and determination.
There was a girl named Mary and her sister Clara. Both were admitted in the hospital with very serious condition.In both their windows there was a plant.According to mary it's her lifespan and according clara it is her Mind booster.Both had were in same condition.Day by day the leaves started falling down .... and day by day mary started becoming more sick and of course day by day clara started becoming better.Clara thought that if a leaf falls down then the leaf had sacrificed its life to clara to become well but in the case of mary the more the leaves falls down the more she will becomeĀ  sick. Days passed , only one is left and clara very well and good but mary is about to die. the leaf had fallen down ....... Mary died !!! and clara is well to discharge from the hospital.
this is tru in everyone's life . clara had her will firm to determine her goal
But mary wasn't having will and determination.
this shows and also proves that Will and determination can help overcome all odds..