We loose heat energy in the form of sweat through evaporation
water in the earthern pots is cooled down by wrapping wet cloth
milk kept under the fan
water bodies loosing temperature through evaporation
when we pour water on the ground the ground gets cooled
we use water to extinguish the fire
a hot pan is cooled down by pouring water on it
clothes drying
1. our Palm feels cold when we put some perfume on it because particles of perfume absorb heat energy from our hands and evaporates causing cooling effect on our hands
2. a desert cooler cools better On a hot dry day Because evaporation is more on hot dry day as temperature is high and humidity level is low. Also evaporation leads to cooling
3.Water vaporisation from leaves of trees also cools the surroundings. 
4.Wearing cotton clothes in summer days to keep the body cool and comfortable. 

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