Feudalism prevailsd in the french society in 1789 on the eve of the revolution. the  burden of taxation was with the Third estates due to actual financial crisis . The french society was divided into three estate : the first, the second and the third.
1.first Estate include the clergy or the church hey enjoyed certain privileges by birth and exempted of all taxes. They owned about 10 percent of land in french. It collected a tax to support the church in carrying out its charitable activities. The tax was known as 'Tithes" which was one teeth of the income of the peasants. clergy was powerful and controlled all registers births, marriages and deaths.
2.Second Estate   in french was the richest class like the first states including  nobility and people of high economy class and status. most of the ministers of the royal belong to nobility and clergy included the younger son belonged to the families of nobles. The nobles also belong to the properties class and enjoyed all manorial privileges.
3. Third estates it included 90 percent of the french revolution. it comprises of the middle class such as businessmen court official , rich merchants etc. peasants and artisans urban workers, landless labour and servants. this class was the most hard working class and product more everything for the kingdom. but they had to bear entire burden of taxation . the peasants were the worth sufferers as their income was low. they were forced to play taxes on every item which made their lives more miserable .