Mode:frequently repeated no.

mode = 7  as its the most repeated no.

median =middle value
first arrange the theses nos. either in ascending /descending  order.
then find the no. which is in the exact center.
that no. you find will be the median

1 5 1
Median is the mid-most value when arranged in ascending/descending order.
the given data when arranged in ascending order becomes:
here the no,of terms are 25 (odd)
so, the median will be (n+1)/2  th term
                                 = (25+1)/2
                                 = 26/2 =13
therefore the median is the 13th term i.e., 7
mode is the frequently occured data
here, 7 appeared many (7) times when compared to other terms.
therefore mode is also 7