Just work hard. Practice questions related to that subject on a regular basis. If you are unable to do so then revise ur syllabus again. Ask someone to listen from u and to make a question paper for u or practice sample papers. Focus only on ur studies and don't let anything that do not value for u to come in ur mind. Study with a proper time-table. Also prefer studying early in the morning. Eat almonds to have a sharp memory and don't drink coffee as it reduces the thinking capability.... I am sure this will help u in earning full marks or 100 marks or centum.... :-)
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how should i do it
Under the answer there might be an option for it.... I think it appears when there are two answers for a question...
i cant find anything. i ve marked your respiration as the best one
Ty for that.... And i think the option will appear here also when one more user will answer this question.
ok fine